Amazon Lists Intel’s Core i9-9900K For $582.50, New Packaging (Updated)

Amazon US has listed Intel’s Core i9-9900K, the company’s long-anticipated response to AMD’s Ryzen, for $582.50. It’s also Intel’s first eight-core 16-thread processor for the mainstream desktop. Twitter user @momomo_us posted a screenshot of the packaging this morning, and after a bit of digging, we found the full listing.

The listing also reveals Intel’s new packaging, which appears to be a translucent new dodecahedron, meaning it is shaped like a d12 die (twelve-sided). Intel’s new Core i9-9900K packaging is obviously a direct response to AMD’s impressive Threadripper packaging that has set a new bar for the processor market.

We can see a latch/hinge on one of the panels that provides access to the processor. There also appears to be a housing in the center of the package for the processor. Intel doesn’t provide coolers with its high-end processors, so the large packaging likely only has the processor inside. In either case, the new packaging is a welcome addition, particularly when you plunk down $582.50 for a new processor.

Amazon lists the Core i9-9900K as out of stock and doesn’t list a ship date. The listing also confirms that the processor boosts up to 5.0 GHz, which is impressive for an eight-core processor.

Credit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

The Core i9-9900K will work with existing Z370 motherboards, but we also know that Intel has the Z390 chipset waiting in the wings. We’ve come across quite a few details about the new processors, which you can find in their entirety here.

According to the latest leaked information, Intel’s newest progeny also comes with the benefit of Indium solder between the heatspreader and the die, which will undoubtedly ease the cooling burden during overclocking. The processors’ 5.0 GHz Turbo Boost certainly bodes well for those pursuits, too. The increasing amount of leaked information about the Core i9-9900K, not to mention the Amazon listing, means you’ll see the review on these pages soon.

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